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Each patient is individual, as is their specific treatment wishes, needs and requirements.

At Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry, we take the utmost care and attention tailoring bespoke treatment and maintenance plans for all of our patients.

The clinic provides free initial consultations for patients who feel that they may benefit from the services that we offer in order that you may meet the staff, visit the clinic and see the high level of facilities and equipment.

This initial consultation is free of charge and involves a short 10 minute consultation for brief discussion of treatment requirements and what we can offer.

In addition to this, an information pack can be distributed at this stage to offer further reinforcement of the treatments on offer.

Following the free initial consultation, a further planning appointment is required for those who wish to proceed with treatment and the cost of this second consultation is £50. Please complete the information below and a free initial consultation will be scheduled by our team at a time that suits. We look forward to meeting you then.

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